DWTS Season 13 – Who’s Dancing With Whom?? GMA Announces the Pairs!!!

And here are the official pairs per Good Morning America – and I think they probably know. 🙂  You can read more about each of the celebs at our Announcement Post.

Who’s Dancing With Who – The Official Pairs!!

Celebrity Celeb Height Pro Height Pro Dancer
Hope 5ft. 9in. 6ft. 2in. Maksim
Ricki 5ft. 4in. 5ft. 10in. Derek
Kristin 5ft. 2in. 5ft. 8in. Mark
Chynna ?? 6ft. 1in. Tony
Elizabetta 5ft. 7in. 5ft. 10in. Val
Nancy 5ft. 2in. 5ft. 9in. Tristan
David A. 5ft. 11in. 5ft. 7in. Kym
Rob 5ft. 10.5in. 5ft. 4in. Cheryl
JR Martinez 5ft. 10.5in. 5ft. 5in. Karina
Carson 5ft. 10in. 5ft. 4in. Anna
Chaz 5ft. 1in. 5ft. 3in. Lacey
Ron 6ft. 7in. ?? Peta

I think this is the first photo I’ve seen: Derek and Ricki (tweeted by Ricki)

This one is from the party:

Below is the GMA video coverage of the pairings announcement: