Dancing With The Stars Season 13: Two Funny Daves!!

David Arquette was a guest on David Letterman last night. He starts our saying he’s all dressed up for the show and jokes he must have had a mid-life crisis to be dancing on Dancing With The Stars. The interview starts out a little crazy, but, David Arquette promises he is not drunk. He just “looks” that way always. He gets the giggles with Dave and can’t stop. But, he mentions how he’s been sober for 245 days. Even though he’s separated from Courtney Cox, they are still best friends. He also introduces the Dancing With The Stars celebrities…and as always, Dave’s reactions are priceless. He says “Gawd No!!” to Rob Kardashian. LOL More below….

Also, in case you missed this interview like I did Tuesday, here is David on the Ryan Seacrest Show as well. He’s looking forward to learning how to dance and to entertaining. He’s cleaned up his life, he wants to win, and is very competitive. He gets deep (while having fun) about “fear and life” and what he’s learned about “light” which is why he wanted to dance. He also talks of how he went to Senegal, Africa recently with a group called ‘Malaria No More’ which is an “amazing charity, doing incredible work in Africa to eliminate Malaria”.

Fascinating! I am a fan already!! I love this guy!!