DWTS Season 13 Stats – Pre Season Eliminations Predictions (Now With Pros!)

UPDATE: After a little more research, I will agree that Elisabetta’s primary occupation is as an actress as opposed to model… I have adjusted her ranks (with and without pro) to reflect this… note how this changes the other rankings as well.

YAY! Now we have the official celebrity/professional partner pairings. Let’s see how the ranks change now that we know how the pairings paired out. (Pun totally intended) If you need your memories refreshed, here is how the rankings panned out without knowing who would be paired up with whom.

NOTE: We have three new professional dancers this go around, so their placement value is based on all the past professional dancers that have only been on the show ONCE in the past twelve seasons (including Inna Brayer, Fabian Sanchez, Charlotte Jorgensen, Damian Whitewood, Brian Fortuna, etc). The placement value is separated between the male and female professional dance partners. As a whole the male professional partners that have been on the show once tend to do better than their female counterparts.

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Nancy Grace
Age: 51
Occupation: Other
Professional Partner: Tristan MacManus
Rank sans Pro: 12
Rank w/ Pro: 12
Analysis: So there doesn’t seem to be much change with this placement. Tristan is relatively new to viewers (despite being in the DWTS Troupe last season). Could they move up the ranks? Sure, but I don’t personally see how, quite yet.

Chaz Bono
Age: 42
Occupation: Other
Professional Partner: Lacey Schwimmer
Rank sans Pro: 11
Rank w/ Pro: 10
Analysis: Lacey, I find, to be a very polarizing character, which subsequently would either hurt or help her celebrity. There isn’t much known about Chaz, so seeing how this partnership fares would be something worth seeing.

Carson Kressley
Age: 41
Occupation: Host
Professional Partner: Anna Trebunskaya
Rank sans Pro: 9
Rank w/ Pro: 10
Analysis: Anna has proven to be a rather strong professional partner, and without knowing much of Carson and his background I say this placement can be considered as rather realistic.

Ron Artest
Age: 31
Occupation: NBA
Professional Partner: Peta Murgatroyd
Rank sans Pro: 6
Rank w/ Pro: 9
Analysis: No doubt that athletes as a general group tend to do well on DWTS, however, break it down and NBA players tend to have the most difficult time with dancing. Why? Who knows, it could be because of height, the concept of standing up tall vs crouched, etc. Pair that with the fact that Peta is a reasonably new professional partner and this pairing may or may not work.

Elisabetta Canalis
Age: 32
Occupation: ACTRESS Model
Professional Partner: Val Chmerkovskiy
Rank sans Pro: 5
Rank w/ Pro: 8
Analysis: Unfortunately Elisabetta was already cursed with the model occupation, based on the numbers, and Val is also a newcomer to the scene, though he may already have a following coming into the show, which could help Elisabetta in the grand scheme of things, but at the moment… based on the numbers, she’ll be the second to leave.
Analysis ADJUSTMENT: Now that I’ve researched and realized that Elisabetta is an actress and NOT a model, she rose up the rankings quite a bit. Granted with a new pro she still might not make it past the halfway mark, but only time can tell in that regards.

Chynna Phillips
Age: 40s
Occupation: Band Member
Professional Partner: Tony Dovolani
Rank sans Pro: 2
Rank w/ Pro: 7
Analysis: Tony has had a bit of an up and down track record when it comes to partners. Sometimes he’s really strong, sometimes he’s really weak, sometimes he’s in the middle of the pack… or sometimes he just gets lucky. I place Chynna in the “band member” group which includes the likes of 98 Degrees, Spice Girls, etc… because she’s technically in a band, but I’m not entirely sure…

Ricki Lake
Age: 42
Occupation: Host
Professional Partner: Derek Hough
Rank sans Pro: 9
Rank w/ Pro: 6
Analysis: This is a situation where whom the celebrity gets paired up with makes all the difference. Derek has one of the best track records with his partner and I don’t foreseeing him NOT making it past the halfway point. With any other partner, Ricki might not do as well, but with Derek? She is definitely getting up there.

Hope Solo
Age: 30
Occupation: Athlete
Professional Partner: Maksim Chmerkovskiy
Rank sans Pro: 4
Rank w/ Pro: 5
Analysis: Yay! Maksim get’s an athlete… similar to Misty May. She’s bound to be hard working and can handle the crazy rehearsals, but being an athlete isn’t always enough to do well in this competition. Maksim is also a bit all over the map when it comes to partners, but with the athletes he has worked with, he has done rather well.

Kristin Cavallari
Age: 24
Occupation: Reality TV
Professional Partner: Mark Ballas
Rank sans Pro: 7
Rank w/ Pro: 4
Analysis: Mark is slightly getting better in the rankings, but I think that’s more out of luck than skill, especially since he has had several ringers thus far. Though I don’t consider Kristin to be a ringer, so I think this placement is rather higher. But hey, it’d be interesting to see what happens.

Rob Kardashian
Age: 24
Occupation: Reality TV
Professional Partner: Cheryl Burke
Rank sans Pro: 7
Rank w/ Pro: 3
Analysis: Rob’s chances of doing well in this competition sky-rocketed the moment it was revealed that he got Cheryl as a partner. She is a fabulous teacher and a great support no matter the celeb. I really don’t think he’d go as high as the numbers are saying, but I would be more than willing to see him reach the halfway point.

David Arquette
Age: 39
Occupation: Actor
Professional Partner: Kym Johnson
Rank sans Pro: 3
Rank w/ Pro: 2
Analysis: No surprise here. David will probably have a little bit of a fan base coming in, Kym just adds into that. He already seems charming enough on television, I’ll be excited to see this grow…

JR Martinez
Age: 28
Occupation: Actor
Professional Partner: Karina Smirnoff
Rank sans Pro: 1
Rank w/ Pro: 1
Analysis: I have always believes that Karina is due a chance to win the mirrorball trophy. If JR could prove himself on the dance floor I believe she stands a chance. JR has the story, the determination, and I believe the chops to make it far in this competition and I firmly believe that Karina is the right teacher for him to succeed.

And there you have it, the pre-season elimination predictions as calculated by yours truly. It’ll be interesting to see how this pans out as the season unfolds.

Feel free to leave your comments and agree or disagree with the choices, but let me warn you now, during the infamous Season 11 where Bristol Palin made it to the top three…. my numbers actually predicted that preseason. Of course in Season 12, I was extremely off in some cases, and close to on target with others. So sometimes the numbers do lie, but it doesn’t make it any less fun to try to figure things out, does it?