DWTS Hope Solo Applying Soccer Field Training On Pressure To Dance Floor

According to ESPN, Hopo Solo had been a fan to Dancing With The Stars for years, but, she never thought her soccer schedule would allow her to dance. She explains how it happened below. There is some pressure on Hope knowing past athletes have done well on the show, but, she has faith in Maks’ direction. She hopes to tune out the pressure performing like she does when she plays soccer. Do you think she can do it? She sounded insecure over the summer about dancing, but, it sounds like she’s starting to sound more confident? I hope so.

“I saw that Maks had gone on ESPN’s ‘SportsCenter’ trying to recruit me a few months ago, but I was focusing on the World Cup at the time,” said Solo, who was instrumental in the team’s runner-up finish. “When I came back home, I looked at my schedule and I see no reason why I can’t do it.”

Solo knows a lot is riding on her as athletes have done very well on the show. Seven athletes, including Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward in the spring, have won the mirrorball trophy.

And Solo, 30, of Richland, Wash., has an added pressure.

“I have absolutely no dancing ability,” she said. “Thankfully, Maks will direct me perfectly.”

“I know the nerves are going to get to me. I’ll need to do that on the dance floor, tuning out the lights, cameras and audience,” Solo said. “That’s how I do it on the soccer field.”