Louis Van Amstel’s Predictions for Dancing With The Stars Season 13

Louis gave his predictions for Season 13 for who he thinks will win on Hollywood Uncensored. He doesn’t hold anything back….and he sounds a little sore about not being included on the show this year. Grrr to what he says on Derek!! He has just hit a low in my opinion.

Heidi’s Note: Somebody’s jealous and it shows – not sure we should give him a forum for this behavior.  Geez, Louis, maybe the reason you’re not on the show is behavior like this??  Perhaps if you emulated Derek instead of complaining about him, you would be more popular and people like Ricki would ask for YOU and not him. It’s no wonder you’re currently unemployed. Perhaps when Derek and Maks leave to take advantage of other opportunities you’ll be allowed back on the show. Then again, maybe no one will want to work with you.

Special thanks to PureDWTS reader Sally (@sally_braden at twitter) for this interview!xxx

Adding: Below is Louis defending Chaz…