Dancing With The Stars Season 13’s New Pro Tristan MacManus!

As we posted in a teaser to you earlier, we thought we’d profile each of the three new dancing pros since many fans to Dancing With The Stars may not be familiar with them. I’m also asking Courtney and Heidi to also add some commentary and predictions at the end. Before I begin, I want to thank them for their takes as well as John for the idea. I’d also like to thank PureDWTS reader Magnolia and her TristanMacManus Fans Facebook Page and TristanDWTSFans Twitter for all of her help on the sidelines (be sure to join her pages if you are serious Tristan fan). I’d also like to thank Tristan MacManus Facebook, the Boston Irish, ABC DWTS, Supershag.com, and Google is your friend for information and pictures.

So, yes, first up is the amazing, talented, mysterious, handsome, and fun Irishman who has captured hearts and fans quickly on the show, Tristan MacManus!!

Born July 23, 1982, Tristan is a native to Bray, Ireland, which is a small town located on the east coast. Tristan started dancing when he was 9 years old. He, as well as his sister, were first encouraged and introduced to dance by their grandparents, Jon and Phyllis McCann, who were and are also dancers. However, his sister didn’t take to dancing or the attention like Tristan did. She ended up quitting and Tristan continued to dance. However, Tristan also liked soccer. So, he divided up his time between both soccer and dancing. Soccer dominated his time mostly at the time since he wanted to do what his friends were doing and no one really “danced” where he came from. Eventually, Tristan realized he wasn’t as talented at soccer like he was at dancing although even to this day, he’s remained an avid fan of the sport. Tristan then decided to return full time to dancing where he was trained and competed in Latin, Ballroom, Irish, and Jazz dancing. He danced extensively in Ireland and all over Europe capturing numerous titles as a Junior and Amateur at the European and World Championships and the All Ireland Championships.

After winning the All Ireland Championships for the last time in 2000, Tristan was getting burned out of competing. He moved on to perform in musical theater in the successful tour “Simply Ballroom” which initially started in London and then made a run in Las Vegas. After that, he went to London’s West End where he performed in the stage version of “Dirty Dancing.” He served as the production’s Dance Captain and Ballroom Supervisor.

After “Dirty Dancing”, Tristan then danced in the highly successful “Burn The Floor”, which travelled the world from Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, Singapore, Canada and the U.S.

In 2004, the handsome Irishman also snagged a part and appeared as a dancer in the film “Ella Enchanted” starring Anne Hathaway. He danced with Vivica Fox who played a “Fairy”. You might also be able to see him dancing in this scene?

That’s not all! While taking a break from touring, Tristan became a dance teacher. He taught for a year at Super Shag Dance Studios in Charlestown, Mass.. Tristan also taught in Ireland’s Trinity College and U.C.D.

It’s funny how things lead to another because the producers of Dancing With The Stars first approached Tristan to dance on the show when they saw him dancing in “Burn The Floor”. The call came just after he’d returned to the tour. He had only been back to work in Burn The Floor for two or three weeks, and he had to tell them that he wouldn’t be able to do Dancing With The Stars at that time. Luckily, they were insistent. They came back a couple of months later when Season 12 was first starting and asked if he’d be available. He was immediately added to the new Dancing With The Stars Troupe which, with his popularity, led to a promotion in Season 13 as a Pro paired with Nancy Grace. Nancy has described Tristan as “handsome, but, when the music starts, it’s like someone sprinkled magic on him and he makes a complete transformation.”

Tristan, here’s to you and may your run on Dancing With The Stars be a lengthy one!!

Here are Courtney and Heidi’s feelings, thoughts, knowledge, and predictions on Tristan and we look forward to yours too!!

Courtney: As funny as it may sound, the first thing I thought upon hearing Tristan’s troupe intro last season was “Yes!!! Another fun accent…and it’s not Russian or Austrailian!” 😛 I dunno, accents fascinate me – especially Irish & Scottish ones.  Tristan just sounds so happy & positive when he talks! He definitely seems like he’s got a good head on his shoulders and is willing to put in the work to really help Nancy shine on the dance floor.  And let’s face it: if anyone or anything can endear Nancy to the masses, it’s a bit of the luck o’ the Irish! 😀

Heidi: I think it’s pretty clear that the producers are trying to find the next Derek, Maks or Mark with Tristan – and it looks to me like they made a great selection! What a cutie and I confess to being a sucker for an Irish accent as well. 🙂  Now, at the risk of being the downer of the group, I will avoid getting too attached to Tristan because, let’s face it, the producers don’t have the best track record for finding a pro THEY consider worthy to stick around for several seasons. I thought Damian, for one, deserved another chance – he was partnered with someone with a tremendous…impact. 🙂   Nancy is the same sort of partner, albeit for different reasons.  I worry for our boy Tristan.  Although, if our suspicions about the future of Derek and Maks are accurate, then Tristan may be entering at just the right time. One thing’s for sure, he would ease the pain of losing one of the big dogs.  🙂