Dancing With The Stars Season 13 ABC Official Title Shoot Photos Released

Here are a few. You can see them all at ABC Media. More bigger takes to come shortly I hope? I picked these up from the Orlando Sun which mentions Maks and Hope will be on The View on Thursday to promote the show. POST UPDATED with all 12 bigger Photos. Scroll down to see! For a link to see INDIVIDUAL SHOTS, GO >>>>HERE!!

Lacey and Chaz…

Maks and Hope….

And here are the rest, Carson and Anna….

David and Kym….

Rob and Cheryl….

Ricki and Derek….

JR and Karina….

Elisabetta and Val….

Ron and Peta….

Chynna and Tony….

Kristin and Mark….

Nancy and Tristan….

Thanks to Hollywood Gossip for the rest of the photos. Be sure to check their site out. They get a lot of scoops.