DWTS 13 Will Chaz Bono Use Cher’s Music To Dance?

For those wishing Chaz and Lacey might dance to some of Cher’s music, it doesn’t look like it might happen according to Lacey at E Online. I can see their reasoning on it, can you? But, I wish they would. Note how Chaz has lost 5 pounds already and there is still 2 weeks until showtime. Also note how Lacey describes his personality off and on the dance floor.

“Chaz is very wary about dancing to any one of his parents’ songs,” Bono’s Dancing partner Lacey Schwimmer recently told us. “He doesn’t want people to think we’re just going to dance to his parents’ songs for votes. So we’re just going to try our hardest to stay away from that route.”

But does Bono take after his superstar parents when it comes to entertaining?

“Chaz is actually a very shy person,” she says. “He doesn’t open up very easily, and with good reason. People have been scrutinizing him for his whole life. So I understand that. But when music comes on and when I give him the choreography and I tell him to go crazy, he has this really cute little personality about him. It’s really endearing to watch and I really think that people are going to fall in love with him as a person rather than what they think of him.”

As for Bono’s progress in the ballroom, Schwimmer says, “He picks up choreography very fast. He’s overweight and he’s aware of it but he’s already dropped five pounds in six days, since we started. His endurance is building, he’s getting stronger, he’s getting more confident.”

Picture from Chaz’s twitter.