DWTS 2001 Chynna Phillips Says We Will Be Pleasantly Surprised To See Nancy Grace On The Dancefloor And More

So, I meant to post this radio interview last week with an appearance with Tony Dovolani at the Grove in Hollywood, but, Extra never posted it and I’m not sure they will? 🙁 Anyway, go HERE to listen to a new radio interview with Chynna Phillips. She talks about how Tony first warmed her up in their first rehearsal. Her arms and legs went all over and he ended up telling her she wasn’t a very good listener in the first hour. He said if she listens, they will go far. She thinks David Arquette will be the biggest competition and he has secret moves that he plans to break out with. She talks about how much she likes Nancy Grace and how we will be pleasantly surprised when we see her on the dance floor dancing and in her costumes. All this and more at the link. I am loving this tweet from Chynna to Tony too last night.

Rumorfix caught up with Chynna as well last week after the announcements. She says her favorite dance is the “Venetian Waltz” and how the only dance experience she’s had is a little ballet. More below…

This journey is going to fun to watch. Who’s ready?