DWTS 13 Rob Kardashian Not Practicing Like He Should?

Well, not sure if this news is true or not, but, TMZ is reporting today that Rob Kardashian is refusing to practice five hours like Cheryl wishes and that she’s fed up. Could this be what his sister forewarned us about with him having “committing” issues? You never know, but, I’d take this news with a grain of salt even though it wouldn’t surprise me. I guess I’ve never been a big Kardashian fan, but, I will reserve total judgement until I see him dance. Though poor Cheryl if true!

Sources close to the show tell us Rob is very nervous and has refused to rehearse longer than 2 hours with Cheryl Burke — while most of the contestants are logging more than 5 hour practices.

We’re told Cheryl is “fed up” with what she perceives to be Rob’s lack of interest in the show.

But Rob is still talking a big game … because we’re told he’s bragging constantly to big sis Kim that he will top her ‘DWTS’ performance by making it past week 3.