DWTS Kym Johnson Says David Arquette Is Doing Really Really Well and More (Rehearsal Studio Videos)

Access Hollywood goes into Kym Johnson and David Arquette’s rehearsals to interview them. David said he was so happy to see Kym when he opened the door to see he got her as a partner. Kym was equally excited and didn’t know what to expect. David is looking forward to really letting loose, being himself, and having fun on the show. Kym says they are having a lot of fun and David is doing “really really well”. These two spell excitement and entertainment to me….old hollywood. I can’t wait to see them in dancing action!

They both weigh in about the Chaz Bono controversy as well. David says it’s not Chaz with the issues. It’s the people out there who intolerant and judgemental about Chaz. Isn’t that the truth. More below….