DWTS David Arquette’s Controversial Interview On The Howard Stern Show

Heidi’s Warning: Do not click on the link to the interview if you don’t like very explicit discussions. It is disturbing for some to listen to language of this sort.Β  You’ve been warned – this is Howard Stern we’re talking about here.

Tuesday, David Arquette, was on Howard Stern’s radio show. If interested and before you listen, we want to FOREWARN you that this audio and interview is very x-rated. If any of you have listened to Howard Stern in the past, you know he doesn’t hold back. He can be very crude and is very controvercial…and no doubt he is this time as well!! If you have kids in the room with you, be sure they are out of the room.

In telling you a little on the interview, Howard asks David some explicit questions on Kym, her body, and body parts, etc. In my opinion, Howard was baiting David continually through out the interview. The question is…does this interviewΒ cast David in a bad light or Howard…or both? Furthermore, will you let this interview hinder your thoughts on David and his dancing ability on Dancing With The Stars? We’ll let you make up your own minds. You can listen to it HERE.

In my opinion, David tries to be serious in talking about dancing in the interview, but, Howard won’t let him. At one point David told Howard he would never do his show again. At the same time, David is giggly and joking through out the interview and half way playing along …especially by the end.

I’m not sure what to think and I think the interview goes too far, but, I don’t think I’m going to let this interview play a part in my votes! All I really care about is DANCING and, for whatever it’s worth, Kym is innocent here! That’s just my opinion, but, as said, we’ll let you decide!!

Thanks to Heidi for her help with this post!! I needed it. lol 😯 And thanks to Sally for the audio too!!xx

Heidi’s Note: I have not listened to the interview yet, and keeping in mind that almost nothing “shocks” me anymore, I have to agree that I will likely let David and Kym’s dancing (and how they interact in the packages) do the talking for me.Β  I’ve heard Howard’s show before and he’s pretty relentless – as are most DJs – in getting HIS view out and not really letting the caller get a word in edgewise.Β  Now, of course, David should know all this because he’s done the show before, so he has some responsibility for knowing what he was getting into. I dunno – jury is out for me.