Ron Artest Talks Of Dancing With The Stars And More On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Ron Artest was one of Jimmy Kimmel’s guest last night on his show. Jimmy asks Ron if he’s a good dancer and Ron says, “I’m very classy….and a pinch of salt type of guy.” Khloe Kardashian sits in on the conversation and they talk(joke!) of how Ron has been taking Rob out to party and strip clubs. Khloe questions if he is a bad influence. Jimmy asks on the NBA lockout. If everything gets settled, he plans to play and dance on the show at the same time. He also plans to bring Peta to the basketball court to play. Fun interview! Check it out.

Below is a video of Ron goofing around with the paparazzi. He also has a semi-serious moment when he tells them to watch the camera on Peta.

I just love this new pic of he and Peta. I love her wicked taste in shoes!