DWTS 13 Tristan MacManus “A lot of people haven’t seen the Nancy I’ve seen”

In a new interview with Wet Paint, Tristan MacManus says Nancy Grace is “a very nice person, and she gets to be herself and viewers get to see that on Dancing With the Stars.” He says Nancy is nothing like what we see of her on her show. Below is a take explaining. He also explains how she’s doing in rehearsals, how it is being a first time pro, and more. Be sure to read the full interview at the link. Adding: You can view Part 2 of the interview here.

How has it been teaching a celebrity for your first time competing on DWTS? Has it been going smoothly so far?
There has been no major hiccups so far! At the start I was introducing her to stuff but you can’t start on routines straight away because you don’t have the music. Then when that comes it kind of falls together, so we’re working on routines now.

At the moment Nancy rehearses five hours a day and fits in work and looking after the kids around it. She’s a working mother and a professional dancer, and a TV star at the same time.

What do you think will be Nancy’s biggest disadvantage this season? And her biggest advantage?
A lot of people haven’t seen the Nancy I’ve seen, they have made their opinion of her from the Headline News show, which is either good or bad. They cover very serious topics on it and viewers see her cutting people off, and you can’t do it with a smile and a laugh. But she is a very nice person, and she gets to be herself and viewers get to see that on Dancing With the Stars.

I think that gives her an advantage over contestants like Ricki Lake, who is a lovely girl, but exactly what you see is what you get – she’s the exact same on her show as she is in real life.
Nancy comes across as certain kind of person on TV but she’s nothing like that so there’ll be a lot for viewers to learn about her.

The disadvantage is that people think she’s harsh and serious from the show, so when she gets to the stage where she’s really concentrating then people might take that as being cold and stern.

She also puts herself down and thinks she’s not the youngest or prettiest, and that gets into her head. But it’s not a popularity contest, it’s about showing that you’re working hard and showing your personality off. It doesn’t matter how old you are or pretty you are.

Bring these two on! I can’t wait!!! Do I ever feel differently on Nancy versus when I first heard she was rumored to dance. I love when that happens on this show. Erin Andrews is also in Nancy’s corner (along with her former partner Maks). People has this quote up from Erin today in a new article.

While it’s no surprise the ESPN reporter is rooting for former partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy, there’s one newcomer she’s hoping will take home the mirror-ball trophy.

“I am obsessed with Nancy Grace,” said Andrews, who is the new face of StubHub’s Girl’s Night Out program. “The one thing I’m really, really bummed out about is that [she] wasn’t on my season. I want her to have a great time and do well and really enjoy it.”

Special thanks to Magnolia and her facebook for Tristan for letting us know on the Wet Paint interview. Pic above from Nancy’s twitter.