David Arquette Talks Dancing With The Stars On The Ellen Show!!

David was a guest on The Ellen Show today to talk about Dancing With The Stars!! He said he’s “exhausted” when Ellen asks him how he is doing so far. When asked why he did Dancing With The Stars, David says,…

I did it because I love dancing. It’s part of joy. It’s weird. A lot of the themes that are involved with dancing are involved with sort of my way of life now. Balance, staying connected to your core, being in touch with everything around you, the flow of life. And that’s what it’s sort of about for me. It also gave me an opportunity for people to get to know me. Because they may have preconceived notions of who I am. Just to be out there and have fun and entertain people because I’m an entertainer.

Ellen also gives David some fashion pointers for the show. Check out the outfit she came up for him. Too funny!

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ADDING: Be sure to see this video too where he dreams of the Mirror Ball.