Nancy Grace Talks About Losing Weight, Tristan MacManus, And Dancing With The Stars

Nancy Grace tells Radar Online that she’s lost 10 pounds so far getting ready for Dancing With The Stars, but, she just hopes she doesn’t lose any weight in her boobs. lol More below in a take from the link. I like what she says about Tristan at the end. 🙂

“I just hope I don’t lose any weight in my boobs!”

The acid tongued television host explained how she’s shedding the weight. “I’m dancing five hours a day and I have no interest in food,” Nancy said.

“I used to read about Angelina Jolie saying she was too tired to eat and I thought oh yeah, right. But you know what? Last night after dancing, doing my show and putting the twins to bed, I looked at my turkey hot dog, and I could not eat it.”

Nancy has relocated temporarily to Los Angeles for the competition, and said that she is dead tired after working with her partner Tristan MacManus.

“This guy can dance! He has never made fun of me, but I get totally chewed out by him every time I put my foot in the wrong place,” she shared.

Below are Nancy’s “back up dancers and personal cheering section”. She posted this at her facebook en route to L.A. last night. Are you having an “Awww” moment like I am?

Adding: And here’s a take from an article on Tristan from Irish Central

“Nancy is the only girl I can think about at the moment.”

The Dubliner says he has been receiving phone calls from ex-girlfriends as well as getting the attention of hundreds of people, but at the end of the day his job is to teach Grace how to dance.

The talent professional dancer has great potential to become a sex symbol following his stint on the popular series. He says he is not particularly comfortable with the spotlight and having all the attention on him is strange but says he is learning to embrace it.

Fame was never a part of MacManus’ plan and his goal is to keep his focus on his career and not let the attention get to his head.

“It can be easy to buy into anything,” says the DWTS contestant .

“I would lose focus if I went in with that attitude of wanting to be famous.The spotlight is something I never expected, and if I sold out now the work I’ve done to get here would be wasted.”