Ryan O’Neal Plans To Win The Mirror Ball On Dancing With The Stars 2012

As reported to you earlier, a knee injury prevented Ryan O’Neal from “Dancing with the Stars” this season, but in a new Access Hollywood interview, Ryan told Access that he’ll be back next year and he plans on winning the mirror ball on Dancing with the Stars 2012! Note below how he said he has signed on and promised to do the show.

“I have one good knee. I had it redone. So I decided if I was really gonna do the show I should have my knee redone because the first one really works,” Ryan told Access on Wednesday night at an event hosted by Give Back Hollywood event for The Farrah Fawcett Foundation in Los Angeles.

“So I’ll get one more [good knee] then I’ll prepare for next season because I had to sign on, I had to give them [a] promise I would be on next season,” the 70-year-old actor continued. “I will win. I will win. If the gods are with us, I will win. I’m a pretty good dancer.”

Adding, “I’ll get one [knee] done in month and I guess I’ll learn the splits.”

I’m excited. I always liked Ryan and I hope he can do the show next season. There has been some rumors floating about that he didn’t dance this season because he doesn’t like Nancy Grace. Even if he doesn’t, I don’t think he’d let that stop him from dancing this season. But, who knows?