DWTS Karina Smirnoff And J.R Martinez Planning Tributes To Military Families

Isn’t that a great picture? It’s from a new little article in People where Karina talks of her favorite body part on J.R. >>>HIS FEET!! J.R. talks of all the things he’s learning from Karina too. Here is more…

“J.R. has girly feet and they are beautiful,” Karina gushed during Thursday’s waltz rehearsal. “Good toes, good pedicure. Much nicer than my feet!”

Martinez, 28, who was severely injured in the war burns over much of his body, says he’s overjoyed to be taking orders from the ballroom pro.

“I’ve learned so much, Karina is an amazing talent,” he says. “She has shown me that it’s all posture, and framing and being elegant. It’s all about fingers and toes. Being a guy, I tend to move all over the place.”

Then on Stripes.com, J.R. comments that dancing isn’t as tough as basic training, but “it has its moments”. He talks of what happened in Iraq, the military support, and what he hopes to accomplish on Dancing With The Stars including having tributes to military families.

Martinez said he jumped at the chance to compete on the dancing show to push his motivational message out even further. He’s hopeful that civilians will see him and be reminded of the troops still serving overseas, and that military viewers will be inspired to push themselves into new challenges.

“This is outside of my comfort zone,” he said. “It’s a personal challenge for myself. I’ve got a little rhythm in me, and Karina [Smirnoff, his dancing partner] is trying to get that out. That’s the biggest challenge right now.”

The pair are also planning “dances to pay tribute to the military and their families,” although he wouldn’t go into further specifics. Martinez did say that he’s already suffered his first dancing injury — a jammed toe while practicing the jitterbug — but said that hurt his pride more than anything else.

“I’m huffing and puffing a bit, but I’m taking control,” he said. “It’s fun, and I’m confident. I think we can win this.”

Much more HERE. Like so many of you, I can’t wait to see these two light us and the Country up…and in more ways than one!