DWTS13 Kym Johnson And David Arquette Ready To Dance On Monday!!

Extra interviewed Kym and David at the Grove in Hollywood yesterday and they said they are ready to go on Monday and they are anxious to begin the Season! David is a sore all over, but, is picking up the moves quickly. Kym said he’s really graceful which surprised her. He said the hardest thing to learn so far is “the frame” and not rushing. He’s ready for the judges criticisms because he think it will be helpful. He’s done his homework in preparing for the show. All this and more below.

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Kym also has a new blog up at Ok Magazine. She talks of how “stylish” David is. He dresses up for all of his rehearsals and has bought 12 pairs of ballroom shoes. He’s very serious about doing this show. She writes on the other cast members and the new stage for which she saw yesterday. More in this take….

Right now I’m thinking Ricki Lake is going to be the one to beat, with her partner Derek Hough. From what I’ve been hearing, those two are definitely the ones to beat. I’ve seen Ricki dance — I went to Brooke Burke’s birthday party and Ricki was on the dance floor a lot, busting her moves, and she’s a natural!

I think it’s so admirable that Chaz Bono is doing Dancing With the Stars. I think he’s going to do really well, people will be surprised. He’s just like anybody else, he wants to get out there an dance! I’ve seen him in rehearsals in the hallways, he’s such a sweet guy and he’s really having fun doing this. I think people should just be more understanding and kinder and just support him. Lacey is amazing with him, they’re having a really good time. I’m excited to watch him dance!

After my scary neck injury last season, I spent the summer doing a little rehab and physical therapy and thank goodness, now I’m back to normal again, which is great. It’s been pretty much all summer that i’ve been trying to get myself back to proper health and I’m feeling great now!

I went yesterday to the set, and we’ve got a new stage! It’s so amazing, it looks like an opera theater. It’s got balconies, and it’s much, much bigger and grander than ever before. It’s spectacular! It’s kind of a bit nerve-wracking, I feel like our home got a big remodel! he celebriteies won’t know the difference, but all of us dancers got a shock when we walked in. It spices things up and it gives us more opportunity to do different things with choreography and using the stage in a new way. It’s like a new playground for us!

Everyone knows David Arquette and I think people will be interested in how he’ll do. he’s very graceful, I think people will be pleasantly surprised with what we do. I haven’t seen anyone else’s routines yet, it’s going to be a very intresting show, with a lot of excitement!

I’m excited to see these two and how well they will do….especially after the Howard Stern interview? Time will soon tell.