Dancing With The Stars Season 13 Interview Round-Up After The First Dance Part 1 (Videos)

Ok, let’s start off with my favorite interviewer George Pennacchio. He gets deeper with his questions and they are always “original” and what’s more, he just cares. From On The Red Carpet

Below is George telling Kim and David that David has a child-like innocence about him and it came out on the dance floor. George thinks David tried so hard. Kym thinks David can go all the way because he has the right tools. David gets bashful and hope’s he’ll be back next week.

Maks and Hope are pleased because they reached their goal of getting “7”‘s. They are surprised, excited, and happy they are in 2nd place. Maks said he feels he has won already with his Mom calling all in tears because her boys are together dancing on the same show.

Tony is beyond happy. He hasn’t seen this type of leader board in a long time and he said Chynna made it all possible for their placement. Chynna is working hard even in her off time from rehearsals. She holds on her to faith. Tony loves her attitude and is the least stressed than he’s ever been and is having fun. Billy Baldwin has helped them a lot “mentally” too.

George remarks he’s never seen Karina more calm and happy. She loves her partner. J.R. talks about all the emotion Karina told him to tap into when he dances for everything he’s been through. J.R. plans to work hard and take the judges advise seriously.

Ricki talks of her chemistry with Derek. They are happy with their 4th place position. Derek says there is so much room for “growth” and he’s excited to work on it. One week at a time…

Nancy talks of how hard her and Tristan worked. Nancy said she is learning so much. All of her years in law school did not prepare her for last night. She said she had a “blank” moment she hopes the viewers didn’t see, but, Tristan helped her recover. They talk of their chemistry. He’s really happy with how they performed last night. She’s loving all of her fans and Tristan’s support. She’s learning that people really care for her.

Ron’s daughter Diamond is interviewed with Ron. She gives him advice for next week. He’s hoping to be back because he plans to surprise us every week.

Carson says he probably scared little children with his jacket last night. He and Anna plan to keep having fun and treating this competition as a ‘life celebration’ for what dancing is all about. Anna is so proud of his entertainment factor. Carson hopes to work on his footwork if he gets to come back.

Chaz had a great time. He gave it all he had and he’s hoping next week, he’ll put even more energy into it all. He’s amazed at all the support he’s receiving. As crazy as it is, he’s trying to just concentrate on dancing and Lacey.

Kristin is proud of having the highest scoring Cha Cha. She’s hoping people will see who she really is. Dancing is all new to her and she’s having a good time. She wants to try that much harder after what the judges advised.

Elisabetta was hoping she’d do better. Her and Val have the quick step next week. George tries to concentrate on the positive and give her confidence to hang in there.

Rob said he wasn’t nervous last night. He had a lot of fun. If he gets to come back, he hopes to step up his energy. George asks if he’s happy with his scores. He said he didn’t pay attention to them (hmm, yeah ok, lol).