DWTS Season 13 Results (SPOILERS) and Scorecard!

Well, I told you guys I get it wrong as often as I get it right!! 🙂 That’s right, dance fans, Ron Metta World Peace Artest has left the building. The Berg doesn’t have to try to say Metta and Petta any more. 🙂 Hey, I did say it would be between him and Elisabetta.

Courtney called it with Ron going home, but then she was letting me sway her over to my way of thinking in the comments. 🙂

Keep in mind, everyone, that just because Nancy and the Leprecaun were standing up there at the end, it doesn’t mean that they were in the bottom two. I shouldn’t have to say this any more, but inevitably someone will worry about Nancy. Maybe she was in the bottom two, maybe she wasn’t.

Oh, and *Crossover Alert* – look who showed up to support their “good friend” Derek! NappyTabs! Don’t let Nigel see you, guys. 😉

I made a few quick screen caps – you have to click twice to see the full size.