DWTS13 Kristin Cavallari’s Cha Cha Challenging, But Not Any Worse Than Cha Cha (Video, Blog)

Kristin Cavallari tells People.com that she and Mark expected the dating rumors. Dating gossip aside, they are excited to dance with one another. Mark says they are staying focused and “making the best performances” for their fans. Kristin also says the Quickstep has been challenging to learn, but, doesn’t think it’s worse than the Cha Cha last week. More below….

“I kind of expect [the dating rumors], to be honest,” she says. “But that’s what happens when you put two people together.”

Relationship gossip aside, the dancing duo is excited about what the season holds in the ballroom.

“I’m really proud of her progress,” Ballas says. “We’re focusing on the routines and making the best performances for our fans. We’re really grateful to them for voting for us.”

Cavallari, who says next week’s quickstep is “a little challenging,” is relieved because she doesn’t “think it’s going to be any worse than the cha cha.”

Also, Mark has penned his new first blog of the season for USA Today. He writes about the Cha Cha and how he’s confident Kristin has enough talent for her to place first Monday night. (Hmmm,…we’ll see about that, but, I kind of doubt it?)

The key word for this week is “QUICK.” It has been a very quick week of preparation and an even quicker (and exhausting) dance in the quickstep. Kristin and I really only have a few days to perfect our routine, whereas last week when we performed the cha-cha, we had weeks to practice.

The two dances are so different because with the cha-cha we danced apart and in the quickstep we are connected or in hold the entire dance, but I believe this will build Kristin’s confidence. The lack of time isn’t going to stop us from reaching our goal this week, either; quickstepping our way to the top of the leader board. Kristin and I finished 5th last week —a good start, but I feel that she has enough talent to finish first this week.

Kristin and Chelsea Kane (my dance partner from last season) have similar dance styles. They both are super-dedicated and coordinated and they also move their bodies in similar ways. Kristin has been catching on rapidly this week; however, there have been a few hurdles. That’s to be expected with the rigorous rehearsal, wardrobe fittings, camera blocking and interviews we’ve had this week.

Below is Kristin on Good Day LA as well….

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