lolDWTS Season 13, Week 1

This little crime against humanity is the brainchild of Courtney, who has a real way of bringing out the evil in me. 🙂 Those of you who heard cackling the other night? That was Courtney and I working on these little gems. If you are not familiar with lolcats at I can has cheeseburger, you will be a bit lost. You’ll catch on quickly. 😉

Courtney’s Note: Originally, these were just supposed to be a few fun visual aids for the cheesecake (which is still on its way, we promise!) – but as you can see, it took on a life of its own 🙂 I like to think of it as the smartass Cliff’s Notes version of DWTS – so if you missed this week’s episode or just don’t care enough to watch, this should keep you in-the-know…and hopefully chuckling like we were while we were creating them! We are warped…please don’t judge us…oh, and feel free to tweet ’em, use ’em as profile pix, post ’em on Facebook, etc. Just be sure to tell everyone where to find the knuckleheads that created ’em 😉