Nancy Grace Dishes On Last Week’s Dance And Upcoming Quickstep on Dancing With The Stars (Videos)

E Online caught with Nancy at the Variety and L’Oréal’s Power of Women Luncheon in Beverly Hills yesterday!! About dancing on Dancing With The Stars, she told them her feet are hurt, but, not to the extent that she’s had to quit practicing. She’s also lost 10 pounds so far and is planning to embrace a whole other side of herself from the neck down. Read more below for what she means….

“I think that nobody’s ever seen me in clothes below my neck,” Grace told us earlier today at Variety and L’Oréal’s Power of Women Luncheon in Beverly Hills. “This is a look I’ve never embraced before and it is quite the departure for me.”

And if things keep going the way they have, expect to see a smaller Nancy Grace.

“I have inadvertently lost about 10 pounds,” the legal eagle talk show host said. “And I’ll tell you it’s no special diet. I’m really just too tired to eat by the time I finish practice.”

Tired and achy, that is.

“I’ve hurt both feet so far but not to the extent I have to quit practicing,” she said. “It is much, much harder than I thought. I’m so used to having everything down pat in court or on our show at night, it’s not like that on the dance floor at all.”

Nancy also chatted with Access Hollywood. She challenges Glee to do a “make-over” of her like they’ve been threatening. She describes how she is practicing for the Quickstep. She’s a total crack up as always! But, she’s starting to understand what Tristan is saying and she thinks that will help a lot.

Also, don’t miss her on Showbiz Tonight talking to her friend AJ! She grills him on his voting. She talks of how nervous she was last week…especially with her parents in the audience. AJ asks her some good questions. She also said she had a Red Bull right before she went on stage. OMG, NANCY GRACE DRINKING A RED BULL? 😯 LOL!!!!

Thanks to Tristan MacManus Fanpage at Facebook for the above video.

Here’s to Monday night! I can’t wait to see these two again!