Ricki Lake On The Perks Of Dancing On Dancing With The Stars

Like Nancy Grace, Ricki Lake attended Variety’s Third Annual Power of Women Luncheon in Beverly Hills on Friday. Ricki told Access Hollywood she is covered from head to toe with bruises, but, she is enjoying every moment on Dancing With The Stars and is not complaining. She’s also thrilled about another effect which we’ll let you read on below. Picture above from a new hot gallery of Ricki and Derek at Pure Derek Hough. A MUST SEE if you haven’t seen it yet!!! 🙂

“I’m loving every minute of it – I’m not complaining,” she quickly clarified. “I really feel like it’s the opportunity of a lifetime, and I’m making the most of it and just having a blast!”

In addition to having fun, Ricki, 43, is thrilled with another “Dancing” side effect – shedding extra pounds.

“I’m dropping weight. I mean, it’s understandable – you work out five hours a day non-stop, you’re going to lose weight, but it’s really amazing!” Ricki, who said she lost a total of 8.5 inches after just two weeks of dancing, told Access. “That’s one of the perks.”

As for which of her fellow “DWTS” Season 13 competitors will be the most challenging to beat, Ricki revealed she has her eye on three celebrity dancers in particular.

“Chynna [Phillips] was amazing, J.R. [Martinez] is incredible, David Arquette is so lovable,” she said. “All of them are really special in their own right.”