Carson Kressley On The Dancing With The Stars Gay Agenda Controversy, The Quickstep, and More!

On the complaints surrounding a Dancing With The Stars gay agenda this season, Carson told Mario Lopez of Extra that people need to lighten up. Read more of what he told Mario below. He cracks me up!

“Anybody who was having issues with it, I was like, ‘People, it’s a show about ballroom dancing,'” said Kressley. “I mean, lighten up. And then they were like, ‘Does the show have a gay agenda?’ And I said, ‘It was pretty gay before I got there, ya know?'”

Kressley joked he isn’t in it necessarily to win, but to lose weight. “I’m trying to get down to my birth weight — nine pounds seven ounces — before the end of the show.”

As for his costumes, Anna is trying to keep Carson in check. “I wanted to do shorts and she wouldn’t let me. I would have shaved them, put some body bling on,” said the “Queer Eye” star. Trebunskaya responded, “I thought maybe too early for shorts.”

Also, be sure to check out how Carson lights up the rehearsal studio parking light when he gets there with his “karma” in the video below. Totally priceless as always!!

There is also a new fun interview with Carson at the Huffington Post where he talks on Maks, his costumes, and his quickstep tonight. Below is a little excerpt.

HuffPost: Hands off, Maks Chmerkovskiy is mine!
Carson Kressley: There’s plenty to go around!

HuffPost: Does he mind you shamelessly flirting with him?
Kressley: I was a little worried, because before the big announcement of the partners I was a little naughty and I sent out a tweet saying that I didn’t know who my partner was but I was pretty sure it was going to be Maks. He obviously got the tweet and the first day he was trying to give me a little bit of shade so I just ran with it. I said, ‘Stop flirting with me, this is getting awkward.’ Put the onus on him, but he’s been a real sport … He’s really lovely and hot.

HuffPost: You were fabulous on the first show with your pro partner, Anna Trebunskaya. You’re not the best dancer, but it was clear that you had so much fun. Not to sound cheesy, but I think that’s a life lesson.
Kressley: Yes, you’ve got to be who you are. I’m so ‘me’ I can’t even fight it. I think, ultimately, it’s a ballroom dancing competition and you’ve got to do the footwork, which makes me very, very nervous. Quick step is so challenging. I wake up in a sweat over it but you have to bring the fun and the great attitude.