Dancing With The Stars Week 2 Interview Round-Up After The Dance Part 1 (Videos)

Good Morning after ‘dance night’ on Dancing With The Stars Everyone!!! If you haven’t told us your thoughts and rankings of all the couples dances last night, be sure to do so in the comment section of Courtney’s Power Rankings post HERE. Heidi’s new “Dancing By The Numbers” Post will be coming up shortly too. Stay tuned. In the meantime, here are some interviews from last night with our favorite Dancing With The Stars interviewer, George Pennacchio.

First up, and as some of you already know, Nancy had a wardrobe malfunction which the cameras had to quickly cover. See Nancy and Tristan talking of it below as well as their feelings on last week’s dance and the judges critiques this week. They are so happy they scored an “8” last night.

Lacey and Chaz talk of trying to defeat the odds and how they will do that if they get to continue which Chaz really wants….

Rob is smiling and can’t stop! Cheryl thought the judges words were encouraging which helps Rob’s confidence. They want to keep taking one dance at a time and take it slow to the top.

George dissects the “fun” in David and Kym’s dance which was one of his favorites. Kym talks of David being a perfectionist. David says he’s trying hard and is going to keep doing so.

George doesn’t think anyone is having more fun on the show like J.R. and Karina. J.R. says he feeds off of the audience’s energy. They just wanted to have fun and that’s why they did a “lift”. They hope they make it because next week they have a “tribute” dance planned.

Val and Elisabetta are so pleased with their improvement. Val comments how rehearsals this past week were tough and he was worried. Then Elisabetta came to practice and knew the steps and had a changed attitude. Elisabetta says she was so scared last week, but, just tried to relax and enjoy it now. They are both passionate about what they are doing which can work for and against them sometimes.

George starts this interview congradulating Ricki and Derek for being at the top of leaderboard with their racey and sexy dance. Ricki is bruised and hurting, but, it’s worth all the pain. She is energized for next week’s Rumba” if they make it. Derek is proud of her.

Hope had so much fun and wasn’t as nervous as last week. She was smiling for a reason. Maks is still trying to work out what “kicks” mean with her since she thinks he means a soccer kick. He blames himself for their mistakes. Hope says the judges were wrong to say she isn’t putting the time in. She’s putting as much time into rehearsals as she is into her soccer. This competition means a lot to her.

George reviews Kristin and Mark’s steady improvement. Kristin says she wanted to prove she had a personality to the judges. Mark hopes to keep having fun if they make it tonight.

Tony talks of the new set and how he feels slightly disconnected with the audience. Tony and Chynna were a little disappointed in the judges scores, but, are planning to keep working hard and taking it slow. They also have the Rumba next week if they make it.

George asks Carson and Anna if they were confused on the judges critiques as he was. Carson jokes that they may need medication. They hope to keep bringing fun and entertainment. He says Maks’ hemline in his shorts was outragous. lol Too funny as always.

Part 2 in Interviews coming soon!!