Dancing With The Stars Week 2 Interview Round-Up After The Dance Part 2 (Videos)

ET, Access Hollywood, and PopTvDotCom also interviewed the couples. But, first let’s go to CNN…

Here is Nancy and Tristan talking more about the wardrobe malfunction and the “sizemick movement”. LOL!!

Kym and David comment on the judges negative and positive critiques. But, they want to continue to have fun for what it’s all about. His daughter thought they should have received a “23”.

Kristin is happy with the second highest score.

Chaz pushing through the pain….

In this interview, Ricki comments how she was feeling a little ill the last few days, but, somehow pulled through the dance. Derek is proud and happy where they are sitting. Derek threw a lot of her, but, Ricki rose to the occasion.

Below is PopTvDotCom interviewing the dancers on their way to an after party. Tristan is especially good in the first video….

We may add more videos to this post later. Stay tuned. 😉

ADDING: Below is Ralph Macchio with his thoughts on the contestants from Good Morning America today. He does a much better job than Donny Osmond.