Dancing With The Stars 13 Week 2 Interview Videos After The Result Show

On The Red Carpet has some great new interviews up with the couples after the Results show last night (with an exception to Maks and Hope). George Pennacchio gets to the heart of the matter again with them. Not only do we get their reactions to how the results show turned out, they give George and us an idea of next week’s dance and what their stories might be like.

First up, Ricki breathed a sigh of relief. Ricki and Derek take us through how they prepare mentally for a dance. Derek is inspired during this interview for the choreography next week. Ricki talks of a life experience which will be told in it which includes Derek.

Tony is super sad to see Val go. Chynna talks of what a powerful dancer he is. They talk of next week’s Rumba and she is hoping to bring a lot of “intense connection” and “romance”. Her husband gave his approval to “go for it” with Tony.

J.R. and Karina talk of their rituals before and after their dances. They say a prayer and she calls her parents afterwards. They say next week’s dance will be very emotional. It will have something to do with the Military and what happened to J.R. in Iraq. It’s not only about himself, but, others. The song will be beautiful.

Carson and Anna are so thankful to be coming back. They have the Argentine Tango next week. They plan to do a “happy dramatic” dance.

Rob is so appreciative to his fans for voting. They are looking forward to having the Fox Trot next week (they are the only couple to be doing the Fox Trot). Rob is dedicating the dance to someone (a male figure) who meant a lot to him.

Nancy talks of her wardrobe malfunction. She is so relieved she’s coming back. Her and Tristan’s story will be about her becoming a Mom which is her favorite year. She tears it up just thinking about it.

Mark and Kristin talk of how they have the Samba next week and it will be sexy.

Chaz is thankful to be healing and that he’ll be back next week. Their story planned will be “sentimental” and they have the Rumba. The two are tight lipped and wouldn’t say anything else about it.

David was sad about being in the last two last night, but, plans to listen to Kym in preparing for next week’s dance…the rumba. David said it will be not only sexy, but, be about “love of the heart”.

Access Hollywood also interviewed some of the couples. Maks is sad about Val being eliminated last night. He expresses his disappointment of the judges giving so many of the couples a “21” which played it’s role. It’s upsetting to him, but, he’s use to it. He talks of he and Val’s “up and down” career emotionally. He talks of his parents reaction to Val’s elimination. His Dad took it really hard. Maks points out though that Val isn’t going anywhere and he will be back to dance in pro numbers. A lot is planned to showcase his talent despite the elimination. Good interview from the heart.

Chaz talks of how nervous he was last night and he is so relieved to be coming back. They thank the fans and talk of his injuries.

David talks of what a wild ride last night was. He hopes to not experience being in the bottom two again.

And that makes it a wrap for now, Dancettes!! πŸ˜‰