Dancing With The Stars Season 13 “Design A Dance” (Which Dancers Are You Voting For?)

For several Seasons now, Dancing With The Stars, has been holding a “Design a Dance” Contest. This is where fans can “craft” a dance routine for the show. ABC is asking everyone to vote on their favorite male and female professional dancers, as well as the type of dance (the “Paso Doble” has been chosen), the song, and the costume. If interested, fans can also submit a drawing of their “costumes”. For information on how you can participate and VOTE, go to the official site of Dancing With The Stars >>>>HERE. You can vote for your favorite dancers as many times as you wish. Voting ends for your favorite female and male professional dancers on Friday, Oct. 28th at 5PM PT. Do it now and make it a daily ritual if you want to see your favorite dancers picked. Promote it at Facebook and Twitter to remind everyone.

So, which male and female pros are you voting for? VOTE in our Polls below as well so we can get a feel for who might win the Design a Dance Contest. Thanks to PureDWTS reader Eavan for the Poll idea.

I’m voting for Peta for the female Pro. For male pro, I’ll be throwing votes to both Tristan and Val…and maybe some to Derek and Maks as well. In the PureDWTS Polls, I’m going to vote for Peta and Tristan.