Dancing With The Stars Season 13 Week 1 TV Ratings For Sept. 19-25th

Zap2It has released Nielsen’s official TV ratings for Sept. 19-25th. The season premiere of Dancing With The Stars Season 13 placed 5th which is down in ratings slightly. Same with the results show which placed 9th. Even more shocking though is how the X Factor placed in the bottom of the top 20. With all the new shows premiering and NFL football always pulling in big numbers, both shows had a lot to compete with. Even still, I thought X Factor would place in the Top 5 and be neck in neck with Dancing With The Stars. 😯 More below…

1 TWO AND A HALF MEN CBS Mon 9:00 PM 28,743,000
2 NCIS CBS Tue 8:00 PM 19,958,000
4 2 BROKE GIRLS CBS Mon 9:31 PM 19,368,000
5 DANCING WITH THE STARS ABC Mon 8:00 PM 19,033,000
6 NCIS: LOS ANGELES CBS Tue 9:00 PM 16,712,000
7 SUNDAY NIGHT NFL PRE-KICK NBC Sun 8:22 PM 15,975,000
8 THE BIG BANG THEORY CBS Thu 8:30 PM 14,939,000
9 DANCING W/STARS RESULTS ABC Tue 9:00 PM 14,787,000
10 MODERN FAMILY ABC Wed 9:00 PM 14,542,000
11 MODERN FAMILY ABC Wed 9:30 PM 14,524,000
12 THE BIG BANG THEORY CBS Thu 8:00 PM 14,298,000
13 CRIMINAL MINDS CBS Wed 9:00 PM 14,137,000
14 UNFORGETTABLE CBS Tue 10:00 PM 14,085,000
15 THE MENTALIST CBS Thu 10:00 PM 13,556,000
16 PERSON OF INTEREST CBS Thu 9:00 PM 13,333,000
17 CASTLE ABC Mon 10:01 PM 13,278,000
18 CSI CBS Wed 10:00 PM 12,737,000
19 X FACTOR-THURSDAY FOX Thu 8:00 PM 12,515,000
20 X FACTOR-WEDNESDAY FOX Wed 8:00 PM 12,494,000

Heidi’s Note: And the ratings are down 8% THIS week from last week. Well, it’s to be expected. DWTS is in Season 13 now and that is extraordinary for any TV show. The temptation will be to blame Chaz and/or Carson or a less than stellar cast, but let’s face it – season 13 and we’re still in the top 10?? That’s pretty awesome. It may be the new normal or maybe the show is going to reverse to having the higher rated season during the spring when Football is no longer an option. Who knows, maybe it is the producer tinkering and a less than exciting cast – but I’m going to go with the Season 13 theory. 🙂 About XF – Wow. Major disappointment for that group, unless it manages to rebound. I had a feeling that The Voice and the new Judges on AI would spell trouble for them. Simon’s way is the old way, I’m afraid.