Rob Kardashian on DWTS 13: All Business, Yet Spreading Rumors

Mojo In The Morning interviewed Rob Kardashian today. He starts out the interview saying he’s all business when it comes to he and Cheryl. He’s on Dancing With The Stars to “win it” and doesn’t plan to bring that “weirdness into his circle”. Rob says Cheryl is his “sister” right now. Then they ask him if there are others having affairs on the show. He said, “I know some of the couples on the show, some of the celebrities that are married, that are..and some professionals that are married…that are having an affair with their partner.” After that, the interviewers try to get Rob to name names, but Rob won’t say. He tells them they’ll have to send him money to a routing number. I’m not sure if Rob is being serious or not, but, should he be throwing any of the other couples under the bus like this or insinuating he wants money to name names?

NOT COOL in my opinion. What do you think?

Heidi’s Note:  I think Rob needs to STFU.  Especially if someone is married and he’s making shit up.  There are no saints on the show, but the only way he could know about hanky panky is to walk in  on it – and I seriously doubt he did that. Anything else is potentially harmful speculation.

Adding: here are three new Access Hollywood videos as well that I’m not sure I even want to watch now? 😕