DWTS Season 13 Chynna Phillips Not Happy With Rob Kardashian Rumors And More!

Chynna Phillips is not happy with the rumors fellow Dancing With The Stars competitor Rob Karshashian was spreading about some of the celebrities having an affair with their dance partners this past week. Her husband Billy Baldwin is not a happy camper anyway with Rob for calling Chynna an “older woman”. He wants to “beat him down”. I don’t blame them a bit for being upset. You can listen to her talking about it on the Big J Show below as well as her future career plans, and her and Tony’s rehearsals this week.

Tony also talked to People Magazine about their dance for Monday night. He said, “We’re going to make love on the dance floor.” Here is more for what Tony revealed as well as what Billy Baldwin thinks…

“There are going to be lots of hips moving and interesting things. We’re going to light up the floor. We want everybody at home and in the seats to feel like they’re actually living the story with us.”

Will Phillips’s husband Billy Baldwin have a problem with his wife bumping and grinding with another man?

“He’s all over this, are you kidding?” Phillips, 43, said. “He’s the one who wanted me to start doing this. If he started having reservations about it now, I’d be like, ‘Sweetie, you’re the one who signed me up for this.’ “

There is also a new interview with Tony and Chynna at KTLA, but, right now the link is broken. Keep checking back here in case they fix it.