DWTS Week 3 Mark Ballas On The Samba: “You Will All Be Impressed” (Videos)

Kristin and Mark visited the KIISfm studios this week. They give JoJo some Salsa lessons. He wishes them luck on Dancing With The Stars by giving them wardrobe malfunction protection, corn covers, and a first aid kit. Mark and Kristin tell us why we should vote for them.

Mark also has a new blog up at USA Today. He writes of he and Kristin practicing for the Samba.

“The samba means you have to shake it like you’ve never shook it before. And let me tell you, Kristin is quite the sambista!”

Below is take about their rehearsals. Be sure to visit the link if you’d like to read on how he felt while dancing with the pros last week. You can also read on the current injuries and how he felt about the judges.

Rehearsals have been very productive and she listens very well. That has helped us this week, as the samba has been a little bit of a challenge. It’s the kind of dance, where, if just one little thing goes wrong, it has a domino effect on the whole routine. We’ve had to put in some extra rehearsal time but I guarantee that you all will be impressed with the performance.

Ok, well,…we will see. 😀