Derek Hough on Dancing With The Stars 13: “It’s going to be a very competitive season”

In a new interview with TV Guide, Derek Hough says the scores were close last week and “it’s going to be a very competitive season”. They ask him how this week’s rumba is going which you can read on below (I love that he choreographs the beginning of a routine last. Whatever you are doing, Derek, don’t stop doing it!). To read on the comparisons between Ricki and Kirstie Alley, Derek and Ricki’s biggest competition, and what they are doing to improve themselves, and more, be sure to visit the link.

How’s the rumba going?
Hough: Great! I tend to choreograph the beginning last. I don’t know why I do that. I leave the first 20 seconds open and go back to it last, but on the first day, I had the other three-quarters done and she picked it up really quickly. That pleasantly surprised me.

You have to tell a story this week. What’s Ricki’s?
Hough: What I really like about her story is that it’s about triumph, which is what I think we all want. She was saying that this past year, she wasn’t fully allowing herself to be happy or to be open to love again. So, the fact that she’s able to open up again and to be happy was a huge triumph for her. It’s kind of fantastic that it’s happening now and I’m kind of part of it in the present. I think there’ll be some pretty heavy and dramatic stories this week. Hers is happy. I think it’s really sweet.

Note: Derek and Ricki will be guests on The Ellen Show on THURSDAY! So, be sure to tune in. According to Ellen’s site, they are going to dance.