DWTS13 Week 3 Interviews After The Dance Part 1 (Videos)

Let’s get right to all the new interviews after the dances last night and who better to do it with than George Pennacchio of KTLA and On The Red Carpet!

First up, Maks and Hope!! Maks is so happy and proud of Hope. He doesn’t plan to buy into the “I’m not sexy” stuff that Hope is always saying. Hope says the sexiness is deep inside and it’s taking a ‘special someone’ to pull it out of her (she points to Maks!)

Next up, Carson and Anna! They are totally excited with the results of their dance. The Tango is “who he is”. They talk of collaborating on their costume designs. They are so glad to be here and that he is getting more confident and more relaxed. They show off George’s CIA notes!

Chynna and Tony talk of all the cool support they are getting. She talks of her personal story and is thankful for a standing ovation. George talks of how much Billy Baldwin is helping them.

George points out how Mark is pushing Kristin and it’s showing in their scores and the tight race. Mark says Kristin’s confidence is growing. He thought she nailed the technique. They care more about what the audience thinks versus the judges scores. Mark hopes they make it because “movie theme” is his thing next week.

Below are Nancy and Tristan proud of their dance. George raves on their high scores when this is only week 3. Nancy gives props to Tristan for being able to choreograph her story. She knew it was a success when she saw her kids smiling. Her last bit of advise for mothers everywhere after having a life and death situation with herself and her twins with their birth and their first year: “When times are hard, double down, and you’ll get through.”

Ricki and Derek are full of complete joy. They go through the emotional process and how all the dancers are working hard and have an emotional story to tell. “Celebrities are people too.” Ricki and Derek give props to each other and everyone.

George doesn’t waste time telling J.R. how many lives he touched with his dance with Karina. They are full of emotion and inspiration. J.R. is thankful for Karina for showing him how to show his emotion through his body.

Kym and David talk about the 6 point increase they had last night and how they made a strong comeback. David talks of how much he continues to learn. They talk of the different fan base that David has attracted to the show. They rave about how much they love George and his statistics.

Rob is happy and more comfortable. He’s not nervous and he hopes to continue on this path. Cheryl is really proud of Rob and they are having fun. George points out how different Rob is now compared to the first time he interviewed him and how he more confident to dance.

Lastly, here is Lacey and Chaz. George says it doesn’t matter what their scores are, the audience loves Chaz. They are so appreciative of their support. George talks of how Sonny’s song had meaning 40 years ago and how it took on a new meaning last night.

More interviews coming. Stay tuned!! 😉