Dancing With The Stars 13 Week 3 Interviews After The Results (Videos)

Always our favorite Dancing With The Stars interviewer, George Pennacchio of On The Red Carpet is able to get some cool previews on the dances for week 4 as well as information on how the couples feel for what are the most surprising things they are learning this Season about dancing and themselves.

First, Derek starts out saying he’s dancing with Julianne next week if they can find time to choreograph something. Ricki hopes to help. It will probably be something they put together last minute. They talk of Mark and Kristin’s elimination. Mark told Derek yesterday that he had a feeling they might be going home. Being in the middle of the pack is a dangerous position to be in. They reveal they have the Tango next week for movie theme night, but, won’t reveal anything else except that it is “different” and it will have the “Derek influence”.

George asks Maks and Hope what they have planned for next week. They will dancing a Fox Trot to “Toy Story”. Hope says she’s in this thing for the long haul even though at first she didn’t think she’d be dancing long. Maks is at his goofiest in this interview (preview for next week?) and he’s looking forward to another busy week of travelling with Hope.

Chynna talks of how she’s having the time of her life with all the challenges of being on Dancing With The Stars. Tony is pushing her 100% and she is glad. They are dancing the Tango to a “huge blockbuster” that has a big theme song. They also hinted that it has something to do with “stealth”. George guesses “Top Gun” and they said that wasn’t it.

J.R. hopes to keep staying in this competition. He’s having so much fun. Karina hints that they will be dancing to something “funny” next week and we will see a new side to J.R. we haven’t seen yet. (They mention they have the Fox Trot in the ET video towards the end of this post)

Carson and Anna have the Viennese Waltz. Carson jokes that they will dance to “Saw 3”. LOL!! The two are so thankful to their fans for voting for them. George asks him what he’s been surprised about the most doing the show. Carson says the “intimidation factor”. They also talk of how each couple offers something different this Season. So true!

Rob is learning something he never thought he could do even if it’s out of his comfort zone. They have the Paso Doble and it will be to something that Rob has to get into complete character for.

Nancy and Tristan won’t tell George anything on next week’s dance. They are going to do “a great job” though. Tristan… a “man of mystery”. :mrgreen: Nancy talks of what an emotional ride it’s been. They talk of how the first week lit a “fire” under them to work hard. She’s loving every minute on this show and they are thankful to be back.

Chaz is excited to still be on the show. They have the Paso Doble next week and it will be about “underdogs and aggression” which will be fitting for them. Chaz is excited for his Mom to be in the audience.

Lastly, David hopes to get into true character for next week’s dance and “connect all the pieces” for what he’s learned so far. They will dance the Paso Doble. They won’t say what movie it is, but, it’s “epic and iconic”. David comments how he’s learning so much about tapping into yourself when you dance and not letting negativity rule out in the end.

Below are some interviews from ET, Access Hollywood, CNN, PopTVDotCom as well….

That is all for now. Here’s to next week’s dances, All! 😉