Julianne Hough And Kenny Wormald Talk Of Footloose And Dancing With The Stars Performance At The Grove (Video)

In gearing us up further for Julianne Hough’s return to Dancing With The Stars next week, below is a new interview from Extra. Julianne and her co-star, Kenny Wormald, talk of the movie as well as giving us a little glimpse into their upcoming performance. The two will dance a duet and then the cast of Footloose will back them up. Julianne remembers her roots saying if it weren’t for Dancing With The Stars, she wouldn’t be where she is today as they “launched her career” and it’s her “home”. She’s excited to see her “bro” again too and tells her thoughts on him and Ricki’s dancing.

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Also, in a new interview with Movie Hole, Julianne talks of some coincidental things about herself, Derek, Dancing With The Stars, and Footloose that fans might find interesting….

Julianne: For one, I grew up in Utah where the original was shot. Two, my first dance on Dancing with the Stars was to ‘Let’s Hear it from the Boy’. Three, my brother played Ren on the west end in London. Four, I played Ariel in this like small musical version of Footloose during high school. Five, when I finished my audition I rang up my mother and she was like, ‘Wait, I just have to turn down the radio’, I was like ‘Wait, what was that?’ and she was like ‘Footloose was playing’. She didn’t even know I auditioned for the movie.

Cool, huh? Here’s to a fun results show coming our way soon!!! Also, who plans to see Footloose at the theatre like I do? This is one movie I’m not waiting to see on my satellite like I usually do.