Pure DWTS13 Maksim Chmerkovskiy Does Good Day New York & Writes New Blog!

Good Day NY interviewed Maks this morning!! He discusses Hope and how she was picked as his partner. Being she is an athlete, Hope personally understands the hours of training it takes to be a dancer. Maks also goes through his career and how he became a dancer on Dancing With The Stars. He talks of what he plans to do in ten years time. The reporters ask him some great questions…not the same old, same old. Lots more below…

Maksim Chmerkovskiy: MyFoxNY.com

Below is a take from Maks’ new blog at TV Guide where he talks on their new dance. Much more at the link. Thanks to @DWTSMaksimFans at twitter for the heads up.

Next week, we have the foxtrot. It’s movie theme week. It’s funny because we thought we’d get something serious since a lot of famous movie themes are dramatic. But nope! We got Toy Story! We’re going to go all out as Woody and Jessie. We’re going to fully embrace the characters and do the best we can. Rehearsals are going well. We’re traveling again this week, so it’s tough. But we’re both responsible and just do as much work as we can with the time we have each day regardless of the circumstance. I’m not going to lie. It’s really crazy to travel during the show. It takes a lot of energy. When you don’t have to travel during the show, you get into the same routine, going to the same rehearsal space every day, dance for six, seven hours, go home and pass out. On the road, you can’t have that pleasure. Her schedule has been insane. Her people are on her schedule down to the minute. I give her all the credit because as we all know, the window of a professional athlete is quite small and this is Hope’s time to capitalize. This is her only time off because she’s goes to Olympic training after this, so she’s taking advantage of it. But when we’re in the studio, she’s all mine.

I love this part too for what he wrote on their Cha Cha last week….

You can be a tomboy and a girly girl. Hope was having a hard time being sexy and feminine, but I think she’s now embracing it. The cha-cha was quite revealing and seductive. It’s definitely a far cry from what she’s known for, but that’s what’s so great about it — she’s proving that you can be both. She’s an inspiration for girls everyone. I will admit though, she’s not quite sex on a stick yet! Well, she’s sex on a stick — in a different way! Just look at her ESPN magazine Body issue cover!

Be sure to watch the Nancy Grace show on HLN tonight. Hope, Tristan, and Val will be her guests.