DWTS Kym Johnson Says Paso Doble Is Really Feeding David Arquette’s Energy

Kym Johnson has penned a new blog today at Ok Magazine. Without giving much away, she writes of her and David’s dance tonight. Since it’s “movie score week” and David is an actor, he’s even more into dancing and having fun with his character. She titles the blog: “Having a “Scream” With David Arquette!” Below are a couple of more teasers on the night. Be sure to read the full blog at the link because Kym writes of how they felt on last week’s dance and elimination. She also dishes on David’s fun barbecue this past weekend.

…And this week has been really good, we’ve got the Paso Doble which is one of my favorite dances. It’s really feeding David’s energy, especially because we’ve got the movie score week, so i feel like David’s going to feel more like he’s doing a big motion picture sort of thing. He’s taking on this character and we’re having a lot of fun doing it. The scores last week were great, I think he was really happy with how we danced. It went really well so he’s calm and he was more happy with how the dance went.

I’m so excited about doing our dance tonight, we have the best music, we’re both playing these characters, it’s just a really really fun night. Yesterday we had what we call “Show and Tell.” Everyone goes into the big studio and we sit down and watch everyone’s routines. We were watching everyone’s dances yesterday, and everyone was just so entertaining and so good.