DWTS13 Lacey Schwimmer On The Paso Doble: “Everything about this dance connects to Chaz” (Video)

Lacey tells ET that Chaz is loving the Paso Doble because “it’s aggressive and he can throw his boxing skills into it”. Chaz is more relaxed this week since he was able to get the steps down in a day. The Paso Doble has been much easier for him than last week’s dance. “Everything about this dance connects to Chaz”, says Lacey. ET also asks Chaz about Cher being in the audience and if she’ll be able to get him votes (dumb question and why do they have to put him on the spot like that? I’m not too sure Lacey handled it the best either? πŸ˜• ).

People Magazine also interviewed Chaz. He’s really excited to have his Mom, Step Mom, and other family members in the audience tonight. Below is a take of him talking about it….

“It’s very exciting,” Bono says, noting that “my mom and my step mom Mary Bono Mack are coming, along with my aunt and uncle and my brother. It will be a real family affair.”

Though this will be Cher’s first trip to the ballroom, Bono says his mom has been “incredibly supportive” of him doing the show.

When the aches and pains of rehearsals were wreaking havoc on his knee, “she sent her acupuncturist and physical therapist over and that really helped me heal faster.” And, he adds, “She’s voting!”

“Dancing in front of 20 million people on live TV is nerve-wracking,” says Bono. But dancing in front of his mother? Not so scary, he says.

“The pressure of wanting to do good for all the people who are supporting me is so much more intense for me than having my family in the audience rooting for me,” Bono says. “It should be a very fun night.”

Indeed Chaz!! Can’t wait! πŸ™‚