DWTS Season 13, Week 4 – The Results (SPOILERS!!)

Well, the results are in….and Derek dislocated his shoulder in rehearsals.  Oh, wait…you want the other results??

Well, I continue to SUCK at predicting who will go home.  And I’m getting bitter about it.

Chynna and Tony leave us tonight and I have to say that it kinda pisses me off. Yeah, it’s how the show works and we all know that. We had been worried since the beginning that Chynna wasn’t making a big enough impact over all – then to have an off night on top of that??  It is horribly unfortunate.  Hate it.

I wish I had been right for a change.   In other news, Courtney’s record is no better than mine.  I’m in good company. 🙂