DWTS13 Week 4 Interviews After The Dance Part 1 (Videos)

Where oh where do we begin today? So many cool interviews after another fun dance night!! Let’s begin with the best, George Pennacchio from On The Red Carpet!! Note: There isn’t an interview with Tony and Chynna. Maybe the two passed on being interviewed this time or maybe it will be posted later? Another Note: TWO dances are revealed in these interviews if they make it to next week…

First, we have Maks and Hope talking about Len’s comments of “going all the way.” George asks if the judges comments and scores boosted her confidence. Hope says she honestly gets her confidence from Maks. George points how Maks is a great therapist as well as a dancer. Maks says the “coach” is always the most hated or loved person depending on the results and such is true for dancing.

George tells Chaz that he has something unexplanable inside him. Chaz says he just keeps trying as hard as he can. Chaz also talks of how he felt with the support of his family in the audience. Cher was so proud and gave him a standing ovation. However, she didn’t understand the judges scoring. Chaz and Lacey said, “No one does!” (isn’t that the truth? lol)

Rob is happy for how he is warming up to the judges. Cheryl says Rob is going to really bring it next week and they are going to step it up. They have the Rumba and he’s a little nervous to show a sexy side. Cheryl raves on him and thinks Rob is a serious contender. Hmmm…

David tells George he feels more and more comfortable out there and is redirecting his energy. Kym said David is improving so much and he feels he’s getting better too. He’s so appreciative of his family and Kym’s support.

J.R. and Karina are hoping all the fans are voting. Karina’s only complaint on the judges right now is that they don’t tell them what to work on. They had fun with their dance though and it was fun showing off J.R.’s booty. If they make it, they have the Samba next week where they plan to shake it some more. 🙂

Ricki is so happy and thankful everyone liked her and Derek’s dance. She said it’s been the hardest week yet, but, takes back her comments in wanting to quit. In the end it was all worth it. George tells Derek the music had to be his biggest challenge yet on the show. Derek is a “director at heart”. Be sure you listen to this one as Derek had other ideas for this dance he would have liked to use too if he could have. Brilliant!

Tristan starts off the interview talking about everything they worked on for the dance and he was happy with it. George talks of the beautiful move on the floor and his favorite of the night. It was flawless and smooth. Nancy was a little disappointed because she thought their Paso deserved three 8’s. They hope they can get them next week if they stay.

Last, but, not least, below is Anna and Carson dishing on their costumes and dance. Even though they are at the bottom of the leader board, Carson is happy because there was a standing ovation at the end. They accomplished what they set out to do. They had so much fun recreating the “Pirates of the Caribbean”. They hope to do a sequel today in a parking lot. Fun as always no matter what the circumstances are!

Stay tuned! Part 2 with more interviews coming soon!