The DWTS Couples Dish On Their Aches And Pains, Their Next Dances, And More! (Videos)

Let’s get right to it again with some new On The Red Carpet interviews with the remaining couples after week 4 on Dancing With The Stars. I love how George Pennacchio is always able to dig a little deeper with his questions (this week he asks on their aches and pains and how they combat it) and finding out new information and hidden gems for their upcoming dances. NOTE: All but one dance is revealed for next week below.

First up, Derek talks a little on his dislocated shoulder, but, he is ok and ready to take on next week’s dance. They have the Fox Trot to an 80’s theme song which they wouldn’t disclose.

Carson and Anna talk below of having the Jive next week which will have an 80’s song, but, they hope to take it into “another dimension”. What does that mean…especially with Carson involved? He says they plan to get perms. LOL!

George asks Maks and Hope if they have any aches and pains. Hope’s aches and pains are more in her heart than in her body. Dancing (and Maks. lol) are more of an ache and a pain on her mentally. They tease each other as well as comment how much they respect one another. They are dancing the Tango next week to a Bon Jovi song.

George starts out this interview exploring Tristan’s comedic side!! Nancy jokes of how she hasn’t seen that side of Tristan yet. She gets very serious too talking of how blessed and thankful she is to still be on the show. (They don’t talk of their next dance or song.)

Below Chaz and Lacey talk of how Aleve, etc. is their friend at the end of the day. They have the Samba next week (which Chaz mentioned at twitter last night). Lacey wouldn’t tell their song yet, but, said it was very popular in the 80’s. It’s uplifting and energetic.

David expresses how horrible it was to see Chynna eliminated. They don’t disclose much on their new dance in this interview except to say it’s about a “passionate love affair….a love-hate relationship”.

Karina was really hit hard with Chynna’s elimination. They talk of how stretching helps their aches and pains. They have the Samba next week (which J.R. is reporting on at twitter).

Rob chats for how much his feet are hurting (his biggest ache and pain), but, he plans to keep focusing and rehearsing 6 hours a day. They have the Rumba next week. There won’t be as many props. Their song isn’t sexy, but, their dance will be sexy. Cheryl has already taught him one Rumba move.

Below are the Access Hollywood interviews….

Cheryl talks of how her and Rob really have to “step up their A Game” now…

Derek and Ricki talk of the elimination, their dance this past week, and the dance with Julianne last night. They also discuss Chaz and the “entertainment” factor (so true for what Derek comments on it!)….

Chaz and Lacey have to put this week’s elimination behind them. They also talk of Cher and how important it was to have her at the show.

Kym and David are relieved to still be dancing. They talk of how they will have new characters for their Tango next week and more…

Ok, that is all for now. Until next time, Kids. 🙂