DWTS Maksim Chmerkovskiy Writes on The Popular Vote, The Tango, and Raps With Val! (Blog, Video)

Maks has written a new blog for TV Guide. He writes that doing an 80’s Tango seems a little weird, but, he’s worked it out and has a “good idea and a good story” for it. Maks also writes about last week’s dance and Len’s comments about Hope not being committed. He also writes of the entertainment factor and the popular vote and if they are taking over the show versus a good story and room for dignity. See if you don’t agree with what he says below?

I thought Hope did an amazing job with the foxtrot. She was great and we’re pleased with the 24. I just want to be clear that we don’t’ have issues. We don’t have problems. We don’t have life issue situations we need to overcome. We’re just dancing and we’re trying to do our best. Given Hope’s background, all the physical attributes we’re trying to enhance, I’m proud of her. For a badass goalkeeper to dress up as Jessie, she was great. She was really believing in it and living it up. She’s improved. Her frame’s so much better. The technical aspect of foxtrot was up there. But we’re starting a new dance, and as it is with every new routine, we start from scratch. I’m hoping to get to the point where she starts learning tango as a continuation of foxtrot in terms of skill.

As for Len’s comment that Hope is not committed, I think it’s a heavily produced moment. The judges have no idea nor do they particularly care how much we rehearse. For him to say stuff like that, he was told to say it. I don’t know what the point is, but it is what it is. I love the show. I think it is an amazing job. It’s a great opportunity, a phenomenal platform for promoting what I love, but we’re becoming a form of entertainment. I feel like we’re losing a little bit of our dignity. I think we need to find a way to balance it out. There has to be room for an incredible story. There has to be room for shock factor, but I also feel like Chynna and Kristin leaving told everybody that unless they have a gazillion of people voting, it’s not good enough. Chynna has one hiccup and she leaves. Others hiccup on a regular basis and they’re not in jeopardy at all.

Be sure to read the full blog to get more of his thoughts on Tony and Chynna’s departure.

I do agree that Len’s comments were out of line questioning Hope’s “commitment”. At the same time, I think Len just really wants to see Hope do well and believe in herself in case there are committment issues. If she does believe in herself and gives it her all, she might find herself in the Top 3 and who knows what might happen after that?!

As for Maks thoughts on the popular vote, I’m not sure I want any changes to the show? One thing I don’t want (as many of you have commented in other posts) is a “Judges save”.

Off topic a little, be sure to watch this Pap video. You can see Maks and Val rapping and dancing outside a club this week. Too cute!!

Adding: Here is Maks and Hope on My Fox LA today….

Hope Solo and Maks Talk “DWTS”: MyFoxLA.com