Karina Smirnoff And J.R. Martinez On “True Beauty”, Their Bond, And Their Growth On Dancing With The Stars (Videos)

Ryan Seacrest interviewed J.R. and Karina on his radio show yesterday!! The two talk of how much fun they are having. Ryan was backstage at the show last week. He mentions all the support J.R. has from the cast. Karina hasn’t won a mirror ball trophy yet, but she doesn’t want to get caught up in the competition aspect of it all, because you miss out on all the fun memories. She tells Ryan, “We literally take one dance at a time, one day at a time. If there is a mirror ball trophy at the end of it, then it is going to be that much better and that much sweeter. If not, then it is all good because we are having a blast, but yes, I am planning to maybe break Derek’s [Hough] leg or something just in case!” More below on J.R.’s feelings and his story on Iraq and why he decided to dance in hoping to educate people on “true beauty”.

Below are Karina and J.R. being interview by E Online as well on his platform for dancing on the show, how they hope to keep growing, their special bond, and more….

So inspirational with a big heart as always!! Stay tuned for more because these two will be guests on The Ellen Show on Monday!