DWTS Season 13 Week 5 Interviews After The Dance Part 1 (Videos)

What a night last night, huh?! George Pennacchio from On The Red Carpet was there to interview all the couples and get their reactions after dancing. Let’s go to Ricki and Derek first because I thought Derek had the best 80’s hair. 😀

Humble and positive as always, Derek knows they didn’t have as great of a dance for having the song they did. Ricki is a little disappointed in herself and hopes she didn’t disappoint Derek. Derek assures her everything is fine. They are having fun! (Don’t you just love Derek’s HAIR? LOL!)

George asks Anna and Carson what happened. Carson says he knows they weren’t flawless. He got a little sassy with the judges because he didn’t think they deserved two “6”‘s since they had good choreography with tricks. Never the less, they had fun and are not disappointed in their dance. Many of his dreams have happened because of Dancing With The Stars and Carson has even has been able to cross off things on his Bucket List.

Rob tells George of how pleased he is with his progress and performance. Cheryl stresses how hard Rob is working and how much he wants to dance. Rob is loving the positive feedback ever since he started which has helped. Never did he think he’d be able to get in a second place position. The smile below says it all…

George asks David on all of his improvement. He talks of how Coco looked so proud of her Dad after they danced. Kym is really proud of David’s progress and how he is getting more calm and confident. It’s showing in their dances.

George starts out telling Lacey and Chaz how positive the judges were with their dance. Lacey says they are just having fun and are dancing for the audience and America and not necessarily the judges. Chaz talks of how his body isn’t hurting as much, but, coming down the stairs was scary. They also dish on how much Lacey’s Dad helped them with their dance.

George tries to spotlight the positive from the judges which Hope isn’t feeling. Maks remarks that he is pushing Hope and he’s seeing progress despite what anyone says. George stresses Hope should be happy with this dance, but, Hope isn’t.

J.R. and Karina are so pleased and excited on their scores and dance last night. They also discuss Karina’s cancelled wedding date. Her and Brad Penny are still together, but, they want to have more time being their careers and schedule are crazy right now.

George starts out telling Nancy he thought last night’s dance was her best and she thanks him. It’s a goofy interview as always and George get’s a little “hot” when Nancy starts talking about their chest areas for their costuming. They also remark of what an “explosive” week it was learning the Rumba, but, they had a lot of fun.

Stay tuned for more interviews coming up shortly!