DWTS 13 Interviews After Week 5 Results Show (New Dances Revealed, But One)

Well, another Results show keeps us in total suspense once again and the intensity was at its most prime last night!! The pressure is indeed building for all of these couples to do their very best. With that said, let’s get the couples reactions after the results show last night with some new interviews from George Pennacchio of On The Red Carpet. He also gets the couples to reveal and talk about their new upcoming dances for Broadway Week a little….

George starts out this interview asking Maks about his Broadway experience in the past. Then he asks Hope about the tension they experienced this week. She gets defensive about her crying. George gives her some much needed advise!!

Chaz and Lacey talk of the “open fly” incident. George loves Chaz’s genuine smile. Lacey is excited for Broadway week. They have an “aggressive” dance to Cher’s favorite musical. (At twitter Chaz said they have the Tango next week.)

George tells Ricki and Derek how Broadway week is going to be “their week” with the talent they have, but, Derek stresses that it will be challenging to create a “Quickstep” for it. They won’t reveal the song, but, both Ricki and Derek love it. Derek has designed their costumes and they are excited. (No, it won’t be to “Hairspray”!)

Nancy gives Tristan and their fans props for inspiring her to keep trying and how this is all a ‘dream come true’. Tristan talks of their teamwork and how excited they are to do a Broadway dance. Nancy tells a cool story about her love of Broadway and how much of a fan she is.

David and Kym are so thankful to be staying on the show. He’s looking forward to their Quickstep for Broadway week. George has some cool ideas for them. They also talk of how much they loved Carson.

J.R. doesn’t know much about Broadway and Theatre, but, Karina thinks he would be a natural at it. Karina talks a little on their Quickstep next week saying it will have an amazing story to an amazing musical. J.R. also dishes on the bond he found with new friend Carson.

George assumes Broadway won’t be Cheryl and Rob’s “thing”, but, Cheryl quickly corrects him saying it will be fun for them. Cheryl and Rob both love Broadway. They have the Cha Cha and it will be entertaining and fun. Cheryl did the choreography for it yesterday (Tuesday). Rob also discusses of how hesitant he was to do this show at first, but, he’s really into it and loving the whole experience now.

Below are some interviews from Access Hollywood….

Maks assures that he is happy with he and Hope’s “8”‘s this week and the outcome. Val pops in to give them “inspiration”. lol Maks says he and Hope are still a work in progress and are still trying to figure out how to transfer their relationship to the dance floor. They have the “sexy” Rumba next week. Maks tells Hope their will be “no fighting”!! LOL

Below Kym and David discuss their “sex appeal”. Coco is his good luck charm. They say their new Quickstep will be a fun dance with some ‘jazz hands’ thrown in it.

Ricki talks of how happy she is to still be dancing. Derek also talks of the pro dance last night. They hated to see Carson go.

Ok, that is all for now. Here’s to a new week, All!! Bring it on! 🙂