Dancing With The Stars Season 13 Las Vegas Odds And The “Dark Horse”

It’s another interesting shakedown for the Las Vegas Odds! Last week, OLBG had Rob in 5th place. Now they have him tied for a third place position with Hope which I’d say sounds about right (never did I think I’d say that at the beginning of this competition). However, they’ve placed Chaz above David this week which I’m not sure is correct? Once again, they are putting Nancy last. Will she prove the odds makers wrong yet again?

J.R. Martinez 1.4

Ricki Lake 2.75

Hope Solo 34

Rob Kardashian 34

Chaz Bono 41

David Arquette 67

Nancy Grace 151

Also, if you haven’t seen this interview yet, Tony gets Carrie Ann to talk of who she thinks is the “dark horse” in this competition. She picks Rob! Up until this past week, I’ve always thought the “dark horse” was Carson, but, now I’m starting to wonder if Carrie Ann is right? 😯 (Side Note and off topic: you can also see Maks and Carson Rumba in this video. Too funny!)

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So, what do you think? Do the odds look correct to you at this time? Who do you think is the “dark horse”?

As always, Pure Dancing With The Stars looks forward to your thoughts!!

Heidi’s Note: Yeah, Rob will be the dark horse if you keep voting with your loins, woman. Giving Rob and JR both 9’s?? Yeah, that’s logical.  Unless something changes, though, Rob and David could very well take two spots in the semi-final, cutting Hope out.  Unless of course they keep making Derek/Ricki fans complacent – then she might get cut out instead.  Anyway, I agree with them on their top 2 spots, and I agree with their bottom spot. We’ll have to wait and see what actually happens. Their record has been worse than mine this season. By a mile. 🙂