Dancing With The Stars 13 Random-ness Before Dance Night Week 6

Only one more night until showtime on Dancing With The Stars! Below are some random things in setting us for the night that I ran onto at facebook, twitter, and CNN this week.

First up, below are JR and Karina in rehearsals Saturday. The two were also interviewed by Cameron Mathison yesterday for Good Morning America (which they will most likely show tomorrow on their show. So stay tuned. šŸ˜‰ ).

Below are David, Ricki, Nancy, Hope, Elisabetta, and Carson supporting Chaz at the GLSEN Respect Awards this week! You can watch a video of them HERE as well thanks to reader Ana Mia.

Here is Val and Rob having fun out and about. Rob, where are your Clark Kent glasses to match Val’s?

I thought this was such a fun picture of Lacey, Kym, Ricki, and Derek behind the scenes last week…..

Below is Hope getting her first spray tan yesterday and all smiles.

Hope Solo's photo Well everybody, I've officially gone to the dark side! My first spray tan! AHHhhhhh let's just call it show business!
Hope Solo on WhoSay

Lastly, below is another fun video from CNN of Tristan, Nancy, Lacey, and Chaz goofing around and getting ready for the show….

And that is all for now Dancingettes! If you’d like to post some random things you’ve seen, feel free in to do so in the comments section and here’s to tomorrow night! Be there or be square! :mrgreen: